Flight Information

Sunkiss Ballooning - Flight Details

Sunkiss Ballooning – Flight Information

Flight Schedule

  • Call us or Click on our Calendar Page to set up your reservation. Credit Card information will be needed to make your reservation. You will receive a confirmation email once we have booked your spot in the balloon. That email is important, so hang onto it. In that email there will be a weather phone number,518-480-7129. It is your responsibility to call that number for your flight details and meeting time. If you have a SUNRISE flight please call the weather phone after 8PM the night before your flight, and again in the morning before you leave your house to make sure there were no changes. If you have a sunset flight, call the weather phone after 2PM the day of your flight. Our weather phone is an automated line that the pilots update for each flight to include details about the weather, cancellations, or specific instructions for meeting time. Don’t forget to call so we don’t leave without you. We meet almost all flights at a car pool lot on Media Drive in Queensbury, NY. Look for the Gracenote building and we can be found right next door.
  • Your CREDIT CARD INFORMTION will NOT be charged if you call and cancel the flight three business days prior to your flight. If you cancel within three business days; 50% of the bill will be charged. If you fail to call or show up; 100% of the bill will be charged to your credit card. If you are using a voucher, $50 per person will be charged to your card and your voucher will be voided.
  • Our chase team will meet you at the meeting spot, load everyone into our chase vehicles and the adventure starts!
  • We will drive to a designated spot where we will inflate the balloon, it varies each flight depending on the wind direction, take our flight with our ground crew chasing us to our unknown destination to pack up the balloon. We encourage our passengers to help out to get the full experience of ballooning although you don’t have to participate in the setting up or taking down of the balloon if you prefer.
  • Please note that everyone in your party must be able to get in and out of the balloon basket unassisted, there is no door that swings open, you will be required to climb in and out.
  • Once the balloon is all packed up, we will have our Post-Flight Picnic depending on the package you choose for your liking.
  • Once we are all done with the Post-Flight Picnic ; I will bring you back to your vehicle to complete your experience.

**SunKiss Ballooning PRIDES themselves on the professional and courteous experience you will get when you fly with us!!! We understand that this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will be unforgettable. We have experienced personnel (Check out our “Pilot & Crew Page” off the main page) who also enjoys the sport of ballooning. You will always be challenged to be more excited than the pilot himself!!!

How Many People?

SunKiss Ballooning has a variety of basket sizes depending on the number of passengers that made a reservation for a particular date. We have baskets that are designed for two passengers, all the way up to fourteen people. We can accommodate larger groups with multiple balloons. Regardless of the number of passengers on board everyone will have great views and an enjoyable flight. All hot air balloons have a lift capacity, that is why we ask for weights when making a reservation to make sure we stay within the parameters of the balloon. Safety is our #1 concern!

When do we Fly?

We fly early in the morning (Sunrise) as well as in the afternoon (Sunset); times depend on
sunrise and sunsets, we usually meet about 1 hour before sunrise and 2.5 hrs
before sunset in order to prepare for the flight. These are the best times
to fly due to least amount of winds.

Where do we meet?


Address: 40 Media Dr, Queensbury, NY 12804 *Next to Gracenote building*



GPS Coordinates: 43.30184,-73.676139

Driving Directions:

From North:
Take Exit 18, turn left at light. Go straight through next light and take 1st left onto Media Dr. Follow the Park and Ride signs, lot will be on your right. We will meet there at specified time; I will have a White Passenger Van or a Black Truck with a 7 X 14 Red Trailer with the SunKiss Ballooning logo displayed.

From South:
Take Exit 18, turn right at light. Take 1st left onto Media Dr. Follow the Park and Ride signs, lot will be on your right.. We will meet there at specified time; I will have a White Van or a Black Truck with a 7 X 14 Red Trailer with the SunKiss Ballooning logo displayed.

**You will be asked to sign a waiver prior to your flight. Please review this waiver prior to your reservation.**


SunKiss Preflight Video