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SunKiss Ballooning takes their Professional Experience very seriously evidenced by taking flight all over the world. Todd Monahan; owner of SunKiss Ballooning has represented Monahan Airways all over the United States, New Zealand, Mexico, and Canada. Todd has flown Special Shapes, big passenger balloons, small balloons, and corporate balloons for SunKiss Ballooning and for other companies in the US. He has flown in many different weather patterns throughout the world giving him Professional Experience in weather and Pilot Decision Making allowing him to teach his experience at Safety Seminars. Todd taught at a large conference in New Jersey at the Great Eastern Ballooning Association.

SunKiss Ballooning belongs to Professional Organizations such at the Great Eastern Ballooning Association, Balloon Federation of America, and Balloon Ride Operators of America. Balloon Ride Operators of America are assisting to make sure companies are Professional and have sufficient Professional Experience.

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SunKiss Ballooning has shown Professional Experience when Recorderlig hired SunKiss Ballooning to oversee their corporate hot air balloon program in June, 2014.

Professional Experience Professional Experience

If you don’t believe us; See what our passengers on Trip Advisor has to say:

Monahan Airways newly purchased “Simba” the Lion & “Kermie” the Frog to travel around the world which we continue chase our dreams!

Monahan Airways purchased two new special shapes in 2012, “Chief Responder” the Fireman and “Squirt” the Fire Hydrant. Albuquerque International Fiesta was very exciting for us in 2012! We were lucky enough to have all four Monahan Airways Special Shapes at the festival. We had an international pilot, Craig Farrell, from Australian flying the Chief Responder the Fireman. The Fireman was the featured special shape on Thursday and flew the American Flag to the National Anthem. It truly was a moment in time we will never forget.

Professional ExperienceProfessional Experience

Scott & Todd Monahan, founders of Monahan Airways also own the special shape balloon formerly known as “The Brazilian Clown” which we have renamed to “Clown-N-Around” due to the amount of fun we have around ballooning. It was the first special shape we purchased.

Professional Experience

SunKiss Ballooning has taken part in corporate sponsoring such as PNC Bank when visiting Quick Chek Festival in Readington, NJ

Professional Experience